Hi Italo… How can I catch rainbow trout in a small lake that I have never fished before. I will be fishing in the summer

Posted on March 28th, 2012

Hi Tyler…I suggest you try trolling for the rainbows until you figure out what depth they are feeding on. If you see trout feeding on the surface, either on minnows or insects you will need to try and “match” what they are feeding on with the lures/flies/bait you have available. If you are casting, try covering all depths from the surface, mid-way down and all the way to the bottom. A good trolling rig is using a spool or flasher “in-line” to attract fish from a distance, than tied to that about a 20″ leader of line with a hook and worm. Lucky Strike Bait Works makes “Gang-trolls” just for that purpose …God bless you,Italo

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