Hi Italo How can I become sponsored by a fishing company Do i need to fish a lot of tournaments etc What advicetips can you gie me Thank you

Posted on June 20th, 2010

Hi Cort…

Many anglers are looking to get “sponsored” by tackle companies, so it’s very competitive out there. People that are successful usually offer manufacturers many different opportunities where they will be able to promote their products. Manufacturers in the boating/fishing tackle field are always looking for individuals who participate in major events (fishing tournaments, sports clubs, community events, etc.), and who can also act as their spokesperson through print media (newspaper & magazine articles), act as their spokesperson thorough electronic media (possibly TV show exposure, radio exposure, internet, etc.), and provide support as “pro-staff”, at consumer shows. This does not mean that a person has to have their own TV show, it means that a person approaching a manufacturer should have a game-plan of how he is going to promote that companies product through the above venues. I guess what I’m saying is that they need to be creative. Fishing tournaments is really only one facet of how a person can promote a manufacturer. Hope this gives you some ideas. Have a great 2010…God bless you, Italo

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