hi italo how are you?saw you handling that tarpon this morning aren t you ever worried that a fish might lash out at you,whats a good tip for handling a big fish pike and walleye season is coming up not to forget shad will be in montreal in a few weeks,thanks for you time,ps nice shirts

Posted on April 19th, 2008

Hi Adrain…I\’m good thank you. I\’m always worried when I\’m handling big fish which makes me extra careful. The new www.luckystrikebaitworks.com , Live Release Basket net is a good device to use to land large pike and walleye. Once you have landed them, it\’s a good idea to wear a Normark Fillet Glove to protect your hands while you are holding them (that\’s what I used for handling the large tarpon). Having the right tools is also very important. This includes long-nose pliers, mouth spreaders and wire-cutters (if you need to cut some hooks). And the most important thing when handling big fish….always be ready for them to head-shake and make sure you are clear of their teeth, spines or lures/hooks hanging from their mouths….God bless you, Italo

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