Hi Italo how are you, hope all is well. While vertical jigging for deep water walleye in early spring do you think using braid tied directly to the jig instead of braid With a leader would help with felling the light bite better? Does adding a leader to the braid reduce sensitivity and also If I tie direct to braid I’m thinking of downsizing my braid Diameter, what is the thinnest braid you would use. Thanks

Posted on February 25th, 2019

Hi Tony, no matter what time of the open-water season you are jigging (regular jigging or vertical jigging), braid will give you the best performance since it has a low diameter and no memory which means that your jig will fall faster and more naturally and you will have maximum sensitivity to feel the lightest strike. Using  a short section of fluorocarbon leader will not take away from the braid-sensitivity, but it will give you just a little stretch and some additional abrasion resistance if the line close to the jig/spoon gets scraped on zebra mussels or the fish body during the fight. My rule is that if I fish clear water for any species I use a fluorocarbon leader with my braid. Also, the stiffness of the fluorocarbon leader will help to prevent the “limp” braid from getting tangled around the jig/spoon on the initial drop and also while jigging. For walleye my standard braid weight is 30lb. test (8 lb. monofilament diameter), my go to weight for my fluorocarbon leader is 12-20 lb. depending on the size of the walleye I am targeting and if there are pike or musky lurking in the same waters…God bless you.

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