Hi Italo, Hope you had a great summer fishing. I would like your adviseOn a 2 day fishing trip to the Kawartha’s fishing was good the first day, but the 2nd day just small bits, I did go back to the same spots as the first day but no fish. The weather on the 2nd day was definitely different. t I tried a little bit shallower and a bit deeper as well, down sized the lure and slowed down the retrieve .What else could I do?Thank you as always

Posted on September 11th, 2017

Hi Susan, sounds like you had a good fishing area the firs day but as conditions changed the second day and you tried everything it looks like the fish moved. I am sure if they were still there you would have caught some changing your retrieve speed and fishing depth. It’s tough to know when to move from a spot that has produced fish the day before. My rule is that if I don’t catch a fish in the same spot for 1-2 hrs., especially when I try really changing my presentation, I move to new locations until I find feeding fish. Sometimes they are nearby, other times, quite a distance away.

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