Hi Italo, Hope you are having a great summer.I would like some pointers on fishing in the Kawartha Lakes on Rice Lake in particular when a cold front comes in. I seem to get fewer bits or no bits at all. Down size the bait and fish slower?This past weekend I noticed that the weeds in some area of the lake are dead (turning brown), have a fish moved elsewhere? or are they still there and just not biting.Thanks for any advice you can give me.

Posted on August 8th, 2017

Hi Fisher Girl, brown dying weeds use up oxygen. Green living weeds produce oxygen. Most fish like to feed in oxygen-rich vegetation which holds a lot of life. I have a feeling it may not have been your presentation, but location. We really have not had any major cold-fronts where the temperatures have dropped more than 15-degrees in 24 hrs. The Kawartha Lakes are pretty warm now and even if we start getting cold fronts, the fish will still feed in the same summer areas. If you are fishing areas with dead vegetation, either move off it and fish a little deeper, or fish the surrounding points and any structure or growing/live weeds and I think you will find the fish.

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