Hi italo hope all is well with you,i wanted to ask i m a very active river fisherman around Montreal,been fishing since i was kid more so the last few years,but i always stop around july have a tough time catching anything this time of year been useing mainly plastic baits and lures,id like to take advantage of all the rivers surrounding my city,any advice as Sept is coming up? do i continue with my usual routine top water in morning and everything else the rest of the day,,,i hear and see on tv some good fishing in autumn with climate change leaves are still green now in oct and nov warmer for me,river systems here have many species at certain times of year if i want catch fish in general what kind of bait or lure would provoke more bites not sure what im gonna catch,im in my 50s never fished passed August,like always thks for your time take care and be safe

Posted on August 10th, 2020

Hi Adriano, fall can be an excellent time to fish for bass, walleye, sauger and musky in the St. Lawerence system. I did a few TV  shows in Lac St. Pierre for pike, largemouth bass and walleye and also did a TV show right at Sorel where the ferry comes across for Sauger.

Largemouth bass will still be in the shallow, weed-filled bays. Pike and musky will be on the deeper weedlines in 10-20′ water and walleye in the main-lake channel where you will do well fishing jigs/worm or minnow right along the bottom.

At Sorel fish the drop-off right off the shore rocks where it drops from 10-20′ using a jig/plastic twister-tail along the bottom…God bless you.

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