Hi Italo hope all is well with you. My question is I am looking for some drive in lodges in Ontario. I plan to bring my own boat brand new Ranger 620. I don’t want to drive on 30 miles of gravel road. Lodge needs to have a boat launch and docks that could handle docking a large heavy glass boat. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I like to fish for walleye/northern pike and smallmouth bass.

Posted on May 11th, 2018

Hi Michael, I would encourage you to review Elk Lake Resort, ON, Mashkinonge Lodge, West Arm Lake Nipissing, and Red Pine Wilderness Lodge, Lady Evelyn Lake, ON. both are about 2 1/2 hr. north of North Bay and offer walleye, pike and smallmouth bass. Mashkinonge Lodge is north of Perry Sound, ON. Elk Lake is right on the highway and to get to Red Pine Wilderness lodge you drive to Cobolt, ON, launch your boat, run to the base of the dam where a truck and trailer is waiting to trailer you over the dam and your in Lady Evelyn Lake. Both have good walleye fishing all season, best bass fishing is in Oct. Pike can be caught randomly anywhere fishing for walleye and bass…God bless you.

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