Hi Italo, hope all is well. When vertical jigging for walleye is it beneficial to use a small swivel when connecting braid to line or is it best to tie a line to line knot. Thanks

Posted on March 26th, 2018

Hi Rad, whenever you use a lure with erratic action ( spoons, spinners, vertical jigging spoons, jigs, plastic grubs), that can spin around the line, dodge left and right and flip-over itself on the fall, it’s a good idea to either use a snap swivel or an “in-line’ swivel. If you are planning on vertical jigging I would encourage you to use an inline swivel to connect a 14-16” section of fluorocarbon leader material down to the spoon. Fluorocarbon is much stiffer than braided line and will help to avoid having the treble from the jigging spoon tangle with the line on the drop or lift. Also, it’s clear and any fish attracted to the spoon will zero in on the spoon and not notice the line.

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