Hi Italo hope all is well! We are headed to lake Kashagawigamog near Near Minden in late July and was wondering if you ever fished that lake or others in that chain. Can you please give some advice on fishing for walleye, bass and crappie in that area in late July. If you haven’t fished that chain maybe some advice on fishing in the Haliburton area in general

Posted on June 21st, 2015


I have not fished Lake Kashagawigamog. I have not heard of anglers catching crappie there, but I know it has a great reputation for musky, bass and walleye. By July I have a feeling all three species will be in their “smmer-pattern”. That means the best presentation for catching musky will be trolling just off the shorelines and weedbeds. You should be able to catch the walleye by fishing jigs/plastic-grubs and bait on the bottom, or trolling using a bottom-walking sinker with either a worm-harness or Original #11 Rapala close to the bottom. The walleye should be in 12-20′ water. For the bass concentrate on fishing any rocky shorelines and isolated weedbeds. Points, bars, shoals and reefs should give you some good action, especially if you plan on “twitching” some of the minnow lures like the new Rapala Shadow Rap.

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