Hi Italo hope all is well. My question is regarding use of barrel swivels for vertical jigging. I run braid line with mono or fluorocarbon leader tied with a uni knot without any noticeable line twist or any other issues. I recently read a post and it said if you don’t run a swivel your jig is actually spinning underwater and creating an un-natural presentation and that got me thinking. What are your thoughts on this and do you recommend a swivel for vertical jigging walleye in rivers with heavy current or just braid to fluorocarbon with line to line knot. Thanks

Posted on March 11th, 2022

Hi Rad, its a good idea to use a swivel to connect your fluorocarbon leader to your main line when you are vertical jigging. The best swivels to use are ball-bearing swivels that easily adjust to any line twist. I try and use the smallest possible depending on how heavy of line I am using and the size of the fish I am going after….God bless you.

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