Hi Italo, Hope all is well.Italo, I was wondering if there is a ratio I could follow when fishing steel line (12 pound test) with a line counter reel. Example: Lure goes down 1 foot for every 6 feet of line out using 12 pound test steel. Your help in this would be greatly appreciated.Also, does the ratio change (I assume so when changing lb. test). Thanks so much. George Norlock

Posted on April 8th, 2008

Hi George….When trolling the decent-ratio of any lure/line changes dramatically because of many water-dynamics. For example, different diameter stainless steel line, the type of lure used (more or less hydrodynamic resistance – spoon is less water resistance than a wobbling plug), and the speed of troll, all have a significant impact on the amount of line required to reach a desired depth. All things being equal, when trolling at 2-3 mph with a standard “trolling-spoon” in the 3-4″ range (1/4 to 3/8 oz.) weight and using 12 lb. stainless steel line, the decent rate should be about 1\’depth for every 12\’ of line released out. If you use the same speed/lure as above with a 15 lb. test stainless line the decent rate will be about 1\’depth for every 10\’ of line relesed out. If you enjoy using stainless line, you may want to try also fishing with a copper-line (descent rate is quicker)…God bless you, Italo

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