Hi Italo hope all is well. I Want to purchase a fishing boat that will be my do all boat if you will. I live in the Windsor area so I will be using the boat for the Detroit river spring walleye run some lake Erie and lake st Clair fishing and for the yearly family cottage trip up north. I also enjoy hunting and if I were to purchase a boat I would like to use it for waterfowl hunting as well. I know that there is no one boat or anything that is perfect for all situations but if you have any recommendations for a boat that will suit these needs it would be greatly appreciated and highly considered Thanks for you help

Posted on March 27th, 2015

Hi RD…All is well, thank you. I think there is a boat that will do everything you want, I just saw it at the Spring Fishing & Boat Show. It was made by River Hawk, it was 18′ long, painted camo, and ideal for everything you want to do. I would suggest you have a look at the boat at the hot-link above….God bless you, Italo

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