Hi Italo hope all is well. I am looking into getting my first centerpin reel. I was wondering how and what kind of line would be ideal for steelhead fishing. I see that you have been using suffix Siege lately. is that a type of floating monofilament Thanks for your help

Posted on March 28th, 2015

Hi Ryan…The properties to look for in a monofilament line for a centerpin reel are:

  • line needs to be strong
  • line needs to float, or sink slowly
  • line needs to remain supple (low memory) especially in cold water
  • line should be visible on the surface (to detect if it is being pushed ahead  of the float, or taken under by stronger current, or need to be “mended” to get drift back to current speed, and also visible when fighting fish to avoid having fish take you around obstructions line rocks, boulder and trees that may be partially submerged)

I personally have been using the Sufix Seige. It meets all of the criteria above and comes in 3-very visible colors; red, yellow & chartreuse….God bless you, Italo

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