Hi Italo, Hope all is well.!Anglers have a go to lures for catching fish. You’ve been so great with advice. You are my go to person and have been for many many years. I will be fishing for walleye this summer at Balsam Lake. What are your hard lures for this lake?Thank you as always, have a great year.fishing .

Posted on June 14th, 2023

Hi Susan, Balsam has the clearest water of all the Kawartha Lakes since it’s the highest altitude. This means the best Walleye fishing will be during low-light, early/late in the day and especially on overcast days. On of the top spots to target them there is West Bay on the west shore south of the Trent Canal where the bottom drops from 10-18′. If you look at a hydrographic chart you will see that there are some major structure breaks there. I would suggest you fish a worm harness with a nightcrawler right along the bottom. Slow-trolling with a 1/2 or 3/4 oz bottom walking sinker should be able to keep your harness bounding right on the bottom. Make sure you go just fast enough to have the blades “slow-rolling”. If you fish really early or really lake, before the sun goes down you can also try casting crankbaits in the same areas as the Walleye will move up off the bottom and go towards the shallower breaks to feed after dark. Hope you catch them…God bless you.

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