Hi italo everything ok? I wanted to ask you i got 7 Ft mf rod with 10 lbs braid last few hook sets were strange i crank up rod but couldn’t set hook with my tip being so soft if i drop down to 6 lbs would it help? Any tips would be appreciated also i got bite off completely twice recently lost a few of my fav spinner baits any good leader you can suggest that wont weight down line too much,i usually just tie on 8 lbs flourocarbon,take care happy fishing thks for your time

Posted on June 12th, 2021

The line lb/test is not the issue when it comes to getting a hook into the fish. Hook penetration has to do with a few details. If you are using live bait you should have no problem getting hook penetration into a fishes mouth with any weight line since a fish tries to “eat” the bait.

hooking fish
Once a fish hits, constant pressure has to be kept on the fish to ensure the hook point penetrates past the barb.

If you are using artificial lures there are a few things that could cause you missing fish. If you are trolling, since you are already moving forward, fish should literally hook themselves.

If you are casting and retrieving lures here are a few details that can affect your hook-up efficiency:

-if your drag is set too light and it engages when you set the hook, there may not be enough pressure to get the point of the hook past the barb (if you are using barbed hooks) into the fish. Solution-drag needs to tight (just loose from breaking-point for hook-set only. Drag setting will be determined by the lb/test of line you use and it’s breaking point). Once fish is hooked, if it’s bigger, adjust the drag accordingly.

-if your rod has a lot of flex it may not have enough “spine” to penetrate the hook into a fish past the barb.  Even if your drag is set right, you may need much more “constant” pressure to set the hook properly.

In closing the last detail is that when you set the hook it’s not enough just to give a good “jerk” on the line. When a fish hits, especially using an artificial lure the line should be as direct as possible to the lure and the rod lifted to set the hook while at the same time putting continuous pressure on the fish by continuing to hold the rod high and reeling line in. This will ensure better hook penetration…God bless you.

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