Hi Italo, During the summer in Juan De Fuca near Sooke, B.C. is quite crowded with hundreds of recreational fishing boats only 100 to 200 feet apart trolling for salmon. There had been couple of occasions where some boaters had shouted at us to slow down when I drove my 19 foot Trophy through the traffic at only 10 miles per hour. Is it because at 10 miles per hour the boat is not on plain and it causes more turbulent? Is it better to go through the traffic with the boat on plain? What would you do in a situation like this? Thanks Henry

Posted on March 27th, 2015

Hi Henry…If this is a posted 10 km/hr. zone, in all likelyhood it has been instituted for safety reasons doe to high-traffic. When most boats travel below 10 km/hr they produce a very small wake. Even though smaller recreational boats (under 25\’ in length), traveling on-plane will produce a smaller wake, the law required that the maximum speed in under 10 km/hr. Travelling at faster speeds throgh these “posted-areas” can not only result in a fine, but can also jeopardize safety. I would suggest that when you go through this gap you slow down enough so that no one can complain about your wake. Trimming your engine completely in at that slow speed will increase your performance (under 10 km/hr.), while prouducing minimum waves…God bless you, Italo

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