Hi Italo, do you think black is a good color for a plastic grub in stained water and sunny conditions? I have been catching walleyes on yellow but black seems to be good at such times. What do you think about black color for lures in general? It seems to me it is a good color for bass especially, in a variety of waters. Thank you!

Posted on July 1st, 2017

Hi Dako, Black is the lack of color. If you shine a colored light on a black wall, the color will always disappear over the black.  This makes black the best silhouette in clear/murky water, bright/dull skies. It especially works well in low-light and murky waters. White and is all colors. If you shine a colored light on a white wall, the wall will take on the color you shine. White works especially well in in bright conditions with clearer water. Clear plastic grubs with flake, like pumpkeenseed color also works well in clear water conditions with bright skies.

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