hi Italo Do you know if the crappies are out at Rice Lake yet. Is it better to fish for them close to Bewley or north of the railroad. What area from your experience is the best place to go. Also have you ever fished Balsam for crappie Do they have crappies thanks as always for you professional advice. All the best to you

Posted on May 12th, 2014

Hi Susan…Yes, the crappie are close to shore in most of the Kawartha’s, including Rice Lake. Some of the best places to find them right now is in marina basins (in the 3-4′ channel coming into the marinas & around the docks). You can also find them around the newly growing weeds. Some of my favorite spots on Rice Lake are the weedlines just out from shore just north-east of Bewdley around the mouths of the two small creeks that meet Rice Lake. Sometimes they are closer to the creek mouths, or right at the mouth, sometimes just out form the mouth. Also that entire shoreline going north towards Perrin Point (and it that bay), can be very productive. The other spot is behind Cow Island off the north-shore, just west of the old Otonabee River. There is a marina there and they often congregate either around the docks, or in that bay around the new weed growth. Crappie can migrate quite a bit throughout the day/night. Some of the best crappie fishing occurs at dusk and at night. The only way to know is trial-and-error…God bless you, Italo

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