Hi Italo can I fish the dam at port dalhousie with a kayak or will fisherman get angry and throw rocks.

Posted on March 27th, 2015

Hi Rapala Boy….Lot’s of recreational anglers and guides fish below the dam at Port Dlhousie from a boat. Most of them don’t drift right in front of the area where there are high concentratoins of shore fishermen (just below the dam, off the break-walls on both sides). This makes a lot of sense since those shore anglers can almost cast across the cana and boats fishing in their “drifting-stretch” can really mess up their fishing. I would suggest anglers always be respectful of other anglers to avoid any confrontations. If you are planning on fishing Port Dalhousie there from a boat or a kayak, I would strongly suggest:

you wear a life jacket.
don’t go to close to the fast water (stay at least 200 yds downstream from the large marker buoy that is just below the dam).

You can have excellent fishing all the way down the canal, almost to Lake Ontario for all kinds of fish species, all season long. Drifting along both sides of the break-wall below the marina basins is extremely productive. Right now you will catch lot’s of smallmouth bass and sheepshead. Very soon, the Chinook Salmon and brown trout will start to move in. Just use your common sense and you can have a lot of fun fishing there…God bless you, Italo

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