Hi Italo, Brian from Musky Ontario Lure Co. in Welland. www.muskyontariolureco.ca Have you ever done a show on Upper Niagara Musky? If you have not please do. I fish the Upper about 3 days a week and in a couple of spots I know the fish on a first name basis. I am only to happy to give you my GPS pins so you create a good show. Look for us on the water. We bearth at Millars Marina and the boat is covered in our decals. I catch most of your shows and enjoy the relax time you provide. take good care.Brian and Maria Friedrichs

Posted on July 27th, 2021

Hi Brian, glad you are having fun catching Musky on the Upper Niagara River. Both the Lower & Upper River are an excellent Musky area. Thank you for your kind offer of sharing fishing spots. I have shot a Musky TV show with Capt. Eric Elenfeldt from NY and we landed about 5-Musky in 8hrs. fishing. I try not to promote Musky fishing as you know they are very vulnerable fish if not fought and released properly. My concern has always been of anglers that don’t regularly Musky fish, hook into a Musky, fight it for a long time to the point that the fish is almost belly-up, net it and then take time to un-hook, take pictures and then try and revive the fish for release. I hope anglers that do fish the Upper know the importance of getting Musky in fast, quick pick and fast revive and release. Keep enjoying that excellent fishery…God bless you.

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