Hi Italo big fan writing here..Here is my question. Have a cottage on a reasonably large inland lake around Wawa Ont. Need some tips on how to catch brookies in this lake in mid summer. which has proved to be challenging in the summer. Heading up there August 29. Not afraid to put in the work! Just need a couple tips. God bless and keep up the great work!

Posted on March 27th, 2015

Hi Chris….Glad to hear you enjoy our TV shows. Brook trout in cold-water lakes will feed at all depths when the water is cold (fall, winter, spring). During those times they will feed in water as shallow as 2′! During the summer months when cold water lakes “stratefy” . When this happens, surface water gets very warm, sometimes in the 70’s, as you go down the water column, you hit an area of water where the temperature drops quicks in a short distance. This is referred to as the “thermocline”. The water below the thermocline is very cold all year long. Most of the brook trout feeding in the summer time will be around the thermocline, or just above it along the shorelines. Trolling is the best way to locate summer brook trout. A good rig to use is a light, wobbling spoon (working as a “flasher” to attract the brook trout to your bait), removing the treble hook and adding a swivel to both ends of the spoon. Tie the spoon to your line, than add a 12-24″ of leader material, than a #6 hook/worm. Troll this rig at different depths form 5-10′ below the surface and down as far as 20-40′ below the surface. They key is to find the thermocline and fish in that water colum. The brook trout can be suspended in open water, or feeding along the shorelines…the key is finding the right depth. You can also troll with ultralight lures such as the Rapala Ultralight Minnow & Shad, a Vibrax #1 spinner, the Rapala Countdown in sizes #3 & #4, and small wobbling spoons…..God bless you, Italo

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