Hi Italo ,big fan …..I fish ,kawarthas every spring, mostly BAlsam and as you know, getting tougher to find walleye…anywhere it seems actually We want o try “ somewhere else” we need to rent a cottage which I researchWhere is a possibly good walleye option south of let’s say Nipissing..?…I’m looking at BAptiste , and Dalrymple …..thoughts sir?Matt

Posted on March 2nd, 2019

Hi Matt, thank you for your kind words. Balsam is the clearest of the Kawartha Lakes and it has always been tougher to catch walleye there, and especially lately. The first location I would recommend is Bay of Quinte. You can rent cottages at Baycrest Marina and Cottages (on Big Island), where you can literally start fishing the weedlines in front of their property and catch walleye. The other location is Merland Park Cottages, Picton, ON. There you would need to boat around the corner and either troll off the weedlines or drag a worm-harness or jig/worm or minnow along the bottom to get your walleye both locations offer very good walleye fishing. The best lure to cast or troll with at both locations is the Rapala Tail Dancer #9 in the “hot-chub” color….God bless you.

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