Hi Italo, as you know this year is different because of the virus, do you know if trout stocking will be impacted? I know of few places that were stocked every year in spring but this year is a puzzle. Thank you!

Posted on May 10th, 2020

Hi Dako,I know that private sportfishing (not for the food industry), aquaculture operators are still producing and stocking fish for private ponds and lakes. I believe that some organizations that have reared fish for stocking have them and will probably release them. I don’t think rearing fish for sportfishing is part of Ontario’s criteria for “essential” work right now, so I don’t believe they are collecting eggs/milt to propagate more fish that spawn in the spring. Having said this, if you really want to get the facts, contact the OMNR&R directly…God bless you.

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