Hi Italo! any tips for trout and salmon fishing with hair jigs?

Posted on April 23rd, 2021

Maribou jigs with lifelike action are excellent to make both trout (steelhead) and salmon strike. In the Great Lakes tributaries I use small 1/16 or 1/8 oz. marabou hair jigs in white, pink & purple color fished under a 9gram float using by center-pin outfit. I work the float like a top-water lure with the current and reeling it slowly in. This gives the jig a very tantalizing action swimming in the water column. I start by fishing it close to the bottom and slowly decrease my lead to fish it upwards until I get a strike.

On Canada’s west coast I use the same color jigs but in a larger 1/2-3/4oz since the rivers are bigger and the runs/pools faster. There I cast our 90-degrees to where I think fish are holding and immediately start “swimming” the jig in the water column back to me reeling continuously and raising my rod tip up and down at the same time. This technique produces very aggressive strikes. My favorite color marabou jig there is hot-pink…God bless you.

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