Hi Italio, Love the show and have been watching for a while now. I want to get more into carp fishing, I got most of the gear needed but I am still stressing about this question. How much should I chum? where in the water should I chum? I have had luck up close to the bank and out far but i still dont know where to cast and how much to chum. Thanks

Posted on August 21st, 2020

Hi Marc, first of all you should find a hard-bottom area (sand, clay, rock, pebbles, etc.),  where you believe carp move in to feed.  That area will be much better then fishing a weed/mud bottom where they may have a more difficult time finding your bait. As far as distance from shore goes 30-50′ should be a good distance in water ranging from 4-15′ deep. I would suggest you only bait with about a “fist-size” amount of sweet corn kernels or ground-bait that you purchase and mix with water and the corn. The ground-bait is a fine grain and it disperses better and really spreads the scent to attract and not to fill-up any carp that move in. Carp Zoom is available in many tackle stores and has a good variety of ground-bait and carp baits and accessories. Once you pick your chum-area, make sure to make a cast with your bait in the center of it…God bless you.

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