Hi Italia;You have a great show; my wife and I look forward to watching it. On your Friday March 3, 2017 show; fishing for Small mouth Bass, I noticed that you were closing the bail by turning the reel handle.I have told fellow anglers and wife, that closing the bail using the reel handle will cause line twist. Over time you will have a mess. I instruct them to flip the bail closed using their finger.Please share your thoughts on this! We are looking forward to when you have a contest to win a fishing trip with you. We will surely enter that contest. Thank you for your time and understanding.Seaweed; from Seaweed Tackle Co.David Totos5250 Cooper TerPort Charlotte, Florida 33981-2260Cell: 941.223.2340

Posted on March 3rd, 2017

Hi David, nice to hear from you in Florida. Looks like you produce some nice jigs and rigs!  Reeling the bail closed will  not twist your line since it winds the line in the proper direction onto the spool. What creates really bad line twist is if you spool the line on wrong to begin with. When spooling new line on a spinning reel the drag should be tight and the line should come off the line-spool from the top and directly onto the reel. I usually have my wife help me by placing a pencil or pen in the hole at the center of the line-spool. When you start filling the bottom of the reel spool it’s very important to put pressure on the line (I have my wife use her hands and apply even pressure to both sides of the line-spool), this will ensure that the line “packs” properly. As you get 1/2 filling the spool you can use less pressure. The drag should never engage when you are spooling on new line and you should never pass the line through your fingers to guide it onto the reel-spool  The second culprit to creating line twist is either being snagged, or fighting a larger fish and reeling in while the drag is working. All this is doing is twisting the line. By the way, there is a contest running right now with MD Marine Insurance for a wilderness walleye fishing trip to northern Ontario. You can check it out by going to their website. Not sure if you can enter it from the US…God bless you.

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