Hi Italian,This may be a silly question but want to understand how to tie a leader. I know how to tie a fluorocarbon line directly to braid but can I use 2 snaps together? I use 20 lb braided line and at the end of that I have a snap. Can my leader have a snap the connects to my braided snap?Hope this makes sense. I am trying to save time when changing lures.Thank you

Posted on April 3rd, 2021

Of course you can. If you’re casting you may be limited on how long a leader you use so that you don’t have too much line hanging down from the to snap-swivels. If you’re trolling it would be much easier since you don’t have to cast. Having two snap-swivels “in-line” may may it a little bulkier and may take away the action if you are using smaller/lighter lures…God bless you.

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