HI It all,this isn’t really a fishing question.Lately I haven’t seen Milligan,only River on the boat fishing with you.I truly hope he’s just taking a break from the cameras.I always fish with my Sons fourteen year old German Short Hair ,so I know how important they are to us.I hope he’s okay.Love our pups.Russ.

Posted on February 20th, 2020

Hi Russ, Thank you for inquiring. Both Mulligan (9yrs old) and River (3yrs old) are doing great. When we are fishing in the G3 boat River (the wise one) mostly lays down under the passenger consul while River (the wild one), loves to go all over the boat, in between by legs and smell the fish as I land them. They are both such a blessing to have with me. On a recent TV show that is premiering next week. I’m fishing from a kayak and could only have one dog at a time with me. When you see the start of the show you will laugh. If I had Mulligan in the kayak, River would be following me and swimming donuts around the kayak. If I put River in the kayak, Mulligan would continuously swim around the kayak. As you can imagine I had a hard time focusing on fishing worrying about one or both of the dogs getting swimming exhausted. Finally River stayed in the kayak and Mulligan followed me from shore.

Glad you enjoy fishing with your sons German Short Hair, they are wonderful dogs….God bless you.

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