hi, in October and November im planning to do some float fishing for salmon or steelhead with spawn sacs it will be my first time, how far up do you put the bobber stop and how long is the leader to the hook and where do I place the split shots? Thanks Jason

Posted on July 7th, 2015


The distance you fish a spawn-sack below the float is determined by where the salmon are holding in the water column and how deep the water is. In most cases salmon in rivers/streams will hold within 1′ of the bottom because here is less current there. So, if you set your spawn-sack to drift within 1′ of the bottom, the lead from your float to the spawn-sack will be determined by the depth of water. I would really encourage you to look at the TV shows I have shot river fishing for salmon, steelhead and migratory brown trout on our Italo Labignan Youtube channel, and you will see exactly how we set out rigs. If you subscribe to our channel you will receive notifications every time we post a new TV show or tip.

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