Hi, I’m having issues keeping my float upright. Should I add heavier sinkers?

Posted on May 15th, 2015


Most floats are made so that if you fish the right amount of weight, they are perfectly balanced, up-right and are pulled under with the least amount of pressure while the fish feels very little resistant. Floats come in different sizes. Small floats are designed to be “loaded” with minimal weight. For example, panfish floats usually will take up to 1/8 oz. weight. This could be a small jighead/bait/plastic grub, or 1 or 2 small split-shot sinkers with a hook/bait. Larger floats designed to fish large live baitfish, like a 6″ shiner/cub, will require much more weight to have it float up-right and have “neutral-buoyancy”.

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