hi, i\’m going to algonquin park may 16-20 for brook and lake trout. (pen lake) any tips for catching shallow brookies like, where, what lures. if i use a small spinner or spoon should i tip it with worm? if yes, how much worm on a treble hook?? and how deep should lakers be approx a month after ice out (may 16-20)? thanks so much!

Posted on May 9th, 2008

Hi Matt….Good questions.  The brook trout should in-deed be in shallower water less than 20\’ around the shorelines, islands, points, beaver-dens, and around inlets/outlets.  The lake trout will be shallow & deep.  For the brook trout I suggest you canst and retrieve Vibrax #2 spinners, Rapala CD3 (Countdown 3cm), Rapala #5 Shad Rap, & the Rapala #5 Husky Jerk.  The larger brook trout (over 12″) should really hit these.  If you do want to fish lures tipped with worms for brook trout I would suggest you troll with either a small worm harness, or use an in-line spoon (remove the treble and add another swivel), as a flasher & than add a 14-20″ leader to which you attach a hook and worm.  You can also fish a slip-bobber and worm around the shorelines and especially off of points and in bays.  For the lake trout you can cast the same lures as for the brook trout, but if you go a little larger in size, you will do best….God bless you, Italo

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