Hi id ask how r you doing but i see you on another chanel so i know you v been busy,how many days a year do you fish? My ?is i want to experiment with flourocarbon leader i read it sinks faster ,would that change much my style i mainly fish with plastics, finesse,swim bait, worms wacky, ned, how much does the leader sink compared to mono line ,can i put 12-15 inches without loseing the feeling of the bottom?if i put on a small swivel would that be ok, thks again for your time happy holidays enjoy ,stay safe

Posted on July 2nd, 2020

Hi Adrian, yes, I’m busy shooting two TV fishing series, Canadian Sportfishing & Here’s the Catch! I don’t count the days I fish per year, but it’s a lot. Using 12-15lb fluorocarbon leader won’t interfere with you loosing feel since the fluorocarbon is quite stiff and does not stretch much so you still get good feel. A small snap swivel or just swivel also should not interfere with your finesse presentation…God bless you.

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