Hi! I am an avid fisherwoman from Florida who goes to Israel for half the year and I’m dying to start fishing there! If there is anyone you can connect me with in Israel I would appreciate it so much!!! I head that way in October so anything I can bring from the states I’d love to know. I have a lot of free time and I’m sure you can imagine how crazy I’m going seeing water and not having ANY idea about the fishing there. Help a fisherwoman out please! Tight lines!

Posted on August 12th, 2015


Israel has good freshwater fishing in the Sea of Galilee for carp, wels catfish, large-scale barbel and tilapia (locally called St. Peter’s fish). The best person to speak to regarding fishing on the Sea of Galilee is Menahem Kev at Kibutz En Gev, Phone: 04-6659800 , Fax: 04-6659818, Email: resort@eingev.org.il .

For saltwater fishing, Oz Goffman, Oz Goffman,PhD, Dep of Fisheries, Ministry of Agriculture, State of ISRAEL, goffman@research.haifa.ac.il ,  will be your best contact. He can direct you to several Israeli sportfishermen that target most of the war-water, saltwater species including; amberjack, king mackerel, tuna, swordfish, jack trevally, and much more.  All of your Florida saltwater tackle, trolling & bottom fishing lures/rigs will work in Israel’s Mediterranean & Red Sea.

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