Hi, how far from the hook should I place the weight? I use a slip sinker with a tiny split shot to stop it from sliding down the line. Thank you! By the way, I like your pictures.

Posted on August 13th, 2015


Not knowing the water you are fishing it’s tough for me to give you a specific answer. If you are fishing fast current with a heavier sinker and you want your line to be as vertical as possible so you don’t have too long of a leader that can get hung-up on the bottom, a shorter 8-12″ lead from the split-shot to the hook would work well. If you are fishing “still-water”, you can go with a longer lead so a fish is less likely to feel the weight above right after taking the bait/lure. In that situation a 12-24″ lead would work well (if you are fishing in deeper water). If you are fishing shallow, still water, like for panfish try and keep your split shot at least 14″ from the hook.

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