Hi everyone: I have been beating my pc up trying to find out how to fish the banks of Niagara ( Ontario side ). I know there are places to walk to and fish but can you tell me how to get to them and where I can park the car as I have no boat. Many Thanks Leroy Seaton….London On.

Posted on July 28th, 2015


Hi Leroy,

Many areas to fish from shore on the Niagara River. Here you go:

-Upper Niagara, Fort Erie, ON: Fort Erie boat launch area for perch/smallmouth using a pickerel-rig on the bottom with 2-small live minnows. Fishing the shorelines from the small parking lot located just south of Southsides Bar & Grill (on the Niagara Parkway), down to in front of Southsides using 4″ tubes & 3/8 oz. tube jigheads bumped along the bottom for smallmouth. Fishing off the “wall” just north of the railway bridge at the end of Cartwright St., about 1 mile north of Fort Erie boat launch fishing tubes & pickerel rigs along the bottom for panifish and smallmouth. Fishing in front of Frenchman’s Creek (about 1 mile north of Cartwright St.), for largemouth and also fishing the shoreline both north & south with tubes for smallmouth.

-Lower Niagara, Queenston, ON: Queenston Boat Launch for smallmouth & walleye. Fishing tubes along the bottom for smallmouth and 1/2 oz. jigs for walleye or pickerel-rigs with worms/minnows.
-Niagara Whirlpool: Access located across from Niagara Whirlpool Golf Course tee-off blocks for the first hole (parking lot/trail). Excellent for smallmouth bass drifting 4″ tubes along the bottom.

God bless you,

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