Hi Atalo, Can I attach a floating FO9 rapala to a bottom bounce rig in order to troll it deeper that it’s intended depth or will it start its dive at the depth the bottom rig is at when it reaches the lake bottom.Example: Rig depth 20 feet plus FO9 diving depth 5 feet = 25 feet total? Or will it stay at 20 feet and go no DEEPER!Many thx and God Bless. Bert.

Posted on April 2nd, 2016

Hi Bert, The Original Floating Rapala 7-11 is deadly fished with a bottom-bouncer and short 2″ lead.  I have seen this rig set record weights when I fished walleye tournaments in the early 80’s on Lake St. Francis, St. Lawrence River, ON.


I have also fished this rig in the Detroit River where it outproduced jigs and even live bait rigs like worm-harnesses off bottom-walkers. They key is to use a short lead so that the Rapala doesn’t dive, but follows right behind the bottom-bouncer. The walleye don’t even see the bottom-bouncer, they just focus on the Rapala. Trolling slow so that you are virtually dragging the bottom bouncer which will produce a lazy “wobble” with the Rapala is irresistible to walleye!

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