Hi again Italo,Thanks for answering my last question. I am also wondering why, when you are fishing for walleye, you some times use a snap swivel and sometimes you tie directly to the lure. What makes you decide one way or the other.Thanks

Posted on June 3rd, 2016

Hi Tim, great question. There are a couple of reasons why I use terminal tackle when I am using artificial lures for walleye and other fish species. The first is if I know I will be changing lures quite a bit, either for figure out what the fish want or, to mix it up so they keep striking.


If I am using a crankbait I normally just use a snap (not a snap & swivel), to connect. If I am using a wobbling or spinning lure I often use a snap-swivel so I can change lures quickly and the swivel prevents excessive line twist. And lastly, if I am vertical jigging I often use an “in-line” swivel about 12-20″ up form my lure to use a connection if I am using a fluorocarbon leader on a braided line and also to minimize line twists from the falling, tumbling and spinning action of the lure as I am jigging.

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