hi again Italo,thanks for always being so responsive to questions, I’m very appreciative. what do you recommend for fishing a steelhead river when there is little to no current? I was at my local river today and it was so slow the float was just sitting still in the water. are spoons/spinners a good option for these conditions?

Posted on March 16th, 2021

You are welcome. If steelhead are in a stretch of Great Lakes tributaries or even in the lake at the mouth of the tributary off a natural shoreline or in a harbour where there is some flow, little to no flow they will still take a stationary spawn sack fished either under a float or on a sliding sinker rig with a floating spawn sack off the bottom. They will also take artificial lures and one of the best to use in slow to no-current is the KwikFish in size #5 & #7. Some of the top colors are: skunk, bullfrog, silver/pink, silver/green.

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