Hi again Italo. Thanks for answering my question regarding using cutbait in New Brunswick. You mentioned it works well for American eel. That\’s one thing I definately want to fish for this year when I\’m there. Obviously they don\’t have as big a mouth as channel cats so how big should the pieces of bait be, what type/size of hook should I use? I was planning on using suckers but can other types of bait be used? And lastly, what type of rig should I use? I appreciate all you answers. Thanks.

Posted on June 17th, 2008

Hi Steve…You are welcome. The size of the bait should be proportional to the size of the fish you are trying to catch. Larger fish, larger chunks of bait, smaller fish, smaller chunks of bait. Fishing for 30-100 lb. sturgeon, anglers commonly use a 4-5″ chunk of cut-bait that might be 1-2″ in diameter. Fishing for American Eels that average 2-5 lb. (they look heavier than they are because of their length), a 1-2″ long, 1/2″ diameter bait would probably work best. Same principle applies to hook size. For 30-100 lb. fish, a bait-hook in the #1/0-5/0 size would work well. For fish in the 2-5 lb. range the ideal bait-hook size is #4-2 size. Circle & Octopus, and bait holder hooks (hooks that have the two small barbs sticking out the back of the shaft with an off-set eye), work best for baitfishing. A good bottom-rig to use with cut-bait is a “sliding-sinker” rig. Depending on the water depth you are fishing and if there is any current, you would thread onto your line the appropriate weight “egg-sinker” which would be just heavy enough to keep your bait on the bottom. Next, you would thread a small plastic bead on to your line and than tie a “swivel” (the swivel would prevent the sinker from sliding down to your bait. Next you attach a length of leader to the swivel anywhere from 12-36″, and to that you attach your hook. When a fish comes by and picks-up your cut bait and starts to take line, the line goes through the sinker, so if you have your drag set light, or your reel on free-spool, the fish does not feel much resistance. When you feel the fish has eaten the bait, you set the hook and reel it in….God bless you, Italo

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