Hi again, egg and octopus hooks seem to be popular for trout fishing but what about small kahle hooks? I rarely loose any carp with these but perhaps kahle’s shape would not be appropriate for trout? Thank you very much Italo! I love a fact that I can ask a professional questions at any time :) God bless you!

Posted on June 16th, 2018

Hi Angler, most anglers know the Kahle hook as the “Wide Gap” hook. You can use them for smaller trout in the smaller size (#10 or #12), but you will not be able to hide the hook in the corn kernel as well as with the Octopus or Single Salmon Egg hook since booth of those have relatively short shanks and the Kahle has a longer shank and the corn kernel would just be past the barb on the bend of the hook with the shank exposed.

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