Hey there My dad and i live in picton ont and r going fishing in the bay of quinty in the next couple of weeks and r gong for some big pike and bass and r wondering where to go and what to use so i am wondering if u would be able to help us catch some nice fish.

Posted on March 27th, 2015

Hi Josh…The largemouth bass are all either feeding along the weedines, or between the weedlines and the shorelines. We just finished shooting a TV show fishing for largemouth bass that are under cover of trees that are overhanging the water, or that have fallen in the water. We used plastic “swim-baits” (4″ plastic minnows Texas-rigged with 2/0 worm hooks & fished just below the surface). There are some pike in the Lower Bay, but the best area to fish for pike is either South Bay or Smith\’s Bay (just south of Picton, ON). You can use Rapalas, jigs and spinnerbaits to catch the pike…God bless you, Italo

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