Hey there My dad and i are fishing the pike and walleye derby on the bay of quinte at the beging of may and we are fishing muscoute bay and we are wondering what weekend is the fishing derby and what we should use for the pike and for the walleye and what colors will work best. the last thing is what is the best time to fish for the pike and walleye. thank you very much

Posted on March 27th, 2015

Hi Josh…I don\’t know the date of the event and I would encourage you to contact the people at www.quintefishing.com to get your answer. You have a few choices for your pike and walleye fishing. You will do well walleye fishing if you fish the main basin in Muscote Bay and in Big Bay. You can either drift and fish a jig/plastic grub/bait along the bottom, or drift an in-line weighted-spinner and worm, or troll with crankbaits that dive from 7-15\’ in depth. For the pike I would suggest you fish the early aquatic vegetation that will start to grow in the shallower water, and along the main-Bay shorelines. Casting and retrieving spinnerbaits and twitching with Rapala Husky Jerk #14 and the new Rapala X-Rap in the #12-size (jointed and one-piece), should work well. I would experiement with your color selection. Early in the day start off with natural colors (gold,silver, etc.). As the day prograsses fish some of the high-contrast fluorescent-colored lures (chartreuse/black, firetiger, etc.)..God bless you, Italo

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