hey there i am just wondering what i should be using inethe spring for walleye and pike and also what part of the bay of quinte should i be fishing and how deep should i troll if trolling will help alot. and what colors should the lures be.

Posted on March 27th, 2015

Hi Josh…Most people either drift-fish for walleye and pike in the Bay of Quinte in the spring using 1/4 – 3/8 oz. jigheads rigged with a 3″ twister-tail grub with either a minnow or worm attached to it. In the spring most of the walleye are in 10-15\’ of water. Most people drift right down the middle of the Bay where the channel-markers are in front of Trenton, Belleville, Massassauga Point, Telegraph Narrows and in front of Forester Island in Deseranto. You can troll in the same areas with smaller crankbaits that dive to 10\’ like the Rapala DT12 or the Rapala Shad Rap #7. Some people also do well trolling with worm-harnesses & worms. Using both techniques it\’s important to try and keep your lure/bait close to the bottom. The pike will be along the shorelilnes and feeding around any aquatic weedbeds. You will be best off casting Vibrax #3 spinner, Lucky Strike 3-4″ spoons and twitching Rapala Husky Jerk #14 for the pike. Light conditions and weather really dictate which colors they fish will like best. If it\’s bright sunny skies try using light colors that are natural like silver or gold with brighter accest colors of red, blue, green. If it\’s overcast and windy try using brighter flourescent colors…God bless you, Italo

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