hey there i am just wondering if i where to buy a boat would i be able to get a livewell put in it and where can u do that, like where would u have to bring it to have it done if u can.

Posted on December 28th, 2008

Hi Josh…If the boat you purchase does not have a live well, it\’s easy to make a “portable” one by taking a plastic cooler (you choose the size you need for the size of fish you are planning on catching and purchasing a bilge-pump that is designed with suction-cups & an airator specifically for that purpose. All you need to have is a 12 vt battery in the boat and whenever you want to fill the cooler with water you place the flexible hose in the water and it fill the cooler with water. If you want the portable live well to keep the water flowing you just need a second “drain-hose”. If you don\’t want the live well to be portable, than you can take the same items that are above and install them permenantly in your boat….God bless you, Italo

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