Hey Italo,What spot would you reccmmend within 1-3 hours of toronto for kayak fishing for largemouth?, i enjoy fishing in the weeds and pads. I am willing to work for it, i would like to know what spot i stand the best chance of catching a good amount of fish. Also is lake scugog any good?I do have a pelican angling kayak to use aswell Thanks

Posted on July 30th, 2018

Hi Jack, you have a nice kayak! You have quite a few options to use your kayak to catch good numbers of bass in that driving range from Toronto. Scugog is excellent for largemouth bass but fishing any large lake like it where the prime weeds/Lilly pad areas can be a distance from one spot to another is not effective to fish from a kayak unless you plan on putting in and taking out often. However, I would suggest you consider fishing the Scugog River where East Cross Creek meets Mariposa Brook. There are lot’s of Lilly pads there, weeds and weedlines and it’s “smaller water” where you can effectively cover the most productive areas from one location. Not sure how water levels are there this summer. If they are normal, there should be good size and good numbers of bass in the expansion of East Cross Creek, all the way up Mariposa Brook and also between the shallow silt bars that border both sides of the Scugog River to the cattails (get’s deeper near the cattails). My favorite presentation to find the bass there is to cast either a weedless spoon, or the Lunker City Salad Spoon to either hook-up fish or get them to explode on the lure. If I miss a fish I follow up with a Texas rigged 7″ plastic worm. As a bonus, the main channel of the Scugog River has a healthy population of musky.

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