Hey Italo,Sorry if this is a strange question. I do alot of fishing for large and smallmouth bass in snaggy areas and break off a lot. I usually use Rapala’s DT or arashi flat 7 series cranks, however am thinking about purchasing a few cheap crank baits to quickly tie on when i want to make casts around fallen trees etc, then switch back when in the clear. My question is do you think that cheap lures such as bass pro brand crank baits or cabelas brand crank baits will catch less fish than a brand name one?, i can see the Rapala’s have better hooks and paint jobs but the cheap ones have a similar action. So assuming the cheaper ones run true and i have good hooks, do you think they should do just as well?Wanted to hear your opinion before i grab some. Thanks for your answer.

Posted on June 6th, 2019

Hi John, good question but I have a tough time giving you a good answer since I don’t use cheaper crankbaits. I work with Rapala and they cover the whole gammon of crankbaits and hard lures that anglers need. I would suggest you keep using Rapala’s but if you fish in “sticky” areas remove the front treble and replace the back treble with a “softer metal hook”. Most crankbaits with a lip run with the head down and it’s the front treble that most often gets hooked-up, especially on wood. If the back treble gets hooked-up if you use a heavier line, like 30 lb. braid, when you pull on the crankbait, the hook that is stuck should bend allowing you to get it un-hooked before the line breaks. But if you hook a fish, the hook should not open if your drag is set right…God bless you.

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