Hey ItaloRyan H. again from the last scugog question yesterday, thank you so much for the tip and for sharing your personal locations, i will try those out on my next day off work. But i am still wondering if you know why none of the shallow weed mats are holding many fish?, Im talking about the mats along the shoreline, and in the nonquon river, of pads, grass and algea that can only be fished with frogs or flippin rigs. This is my favourite way to fish however it seems at scugog i will be limited to casting lures out on the deeper weeds as you have suggested, as there aren’t any bass feeding in the shallow weeds. Thanks in advance Italo

Posted on July 16th, 2019

Hi Ryan, that shallow water may have less oxygen. You may want to try fishing the Scugog River banks near the confluence of Mariposa Brook and East Cross Creek (just south of Lindsay, ON). I have had good success there on high water years fishing both shorelines using your techniques. I have a feeling the water is a little cooler there and there is some flow generated from the dam in Lindsay, ON.

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