Hey ItaloIm in the pickering area, out of all my years of fishing, i have never caught a sucker. I have tried the rouge and duffins creek, covering miles and havent seen any, using live bait/ worms. I allways read they are in big groups however i cant find them. Am i to late in the year?, can you suggest a spot on these rivers or a new river to try?Thanks alot Italo

Posted on May 8th, 2019

Hi Alex, suckers are running now and should be located in all of the big pool that have over 6′ depth. The Rouge and Duffin’s definitely have them but they will be concentrated in the largest, slow-moving pools. Few will be in the shallower runs and rapids as the steelhead. I suggest you find a slow, deep pool at either location and just use a hook/worm and split-shot sinker on the bottom…God bless you.

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