Hey Italo,I’m headed back to Kesagami Wilderness Lodge in Julu. Do you have any tips or “hot spots” to help us catch some big northere pike?I enjoyed your youtube videos at Kesagami, and hope to hear from you soon.Thanks,Mike

Posted on June 10th, 2016

Hi Mike, by July/Aug the weeds will be in fool-bloom in the lake which is good news/bad news. Good that pike like weeds, bad news that there will be a lot of weeds for you to search.The bullrush (reed) bays like North Bay and across from the Kasagemi River will hold big pike throughout the season. Best presentation for the 40″+fish is fishing a “black-on-black” (black blade, black head/skirt), 2-bladed buzz bait over and around the weeds/reeds. You can also fish a large Johnson Silver Minnow and willow-leaf 1/2 oz. spinnerbait in the same areas. You challenge will be to fish the same type of areas until you come across a big fish…God bless you.

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